Saturday, 28 November 2009

Spiritual Fitness Challenge DAY 27

Day 27 - November 29th


Artworks such as painting and sculpture have been used for centuries to inspire private reflection and meditation. Take time to take in some art to inspire your meditation.

I have no hesitation in recommending an exhibition in The National Gallery (Trafalgar Square, London) named 'The Sacred Made Real'. It is a look at the golden age of spanish religious art in the 17th century. The exhibition has 16 paintings and 16 sculptures and the curation is excellent, the works really stand out individually and interact with each other and the space due to being very well spot lit and placed in the 6 different rooms. The life like sculptures using techniques such as polychroming are what this exhibition really is about. I took it in early this month and it is open until January 24th. If you get a chance please do go, leaving yourself around one and a half hours to really take it in. For details of the exhibition, here's the link. If you travel by train to London you can get 2for1 on entrance to the exhibition by showing your train tickets. Check out this link for details on this offer.

If you cannot get to this specific exhibition, a couple of the paintings are permanent residents of The National Gallery so you could see them another time.

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