Monday, 9 November 2009

Spiritual Fitness Challenge DAY EIGHT

We have now made it through week one. Well done. Many of the challenges you may do already, some you may think 'So what's new?!', with some you may have already seen positive results from and others you may not for a while or in fact ever see positive results from. Some disciplines you may have found more easy to do than others. Please do persevere. We each connect with God in a unique way and will find certain challenges easier than others.

Week One has explored a variety of the different disciplines. Week Two we are going to explore one discipline, that of MEDITATION. Unlike many forms of mediation that aims to clear the mind, Christian meditation aims to fill the mind with things of God. Meditation is key in the build up to effective prayer. We meditate on God to begin to comprehend His heart and His will for our lives and the world. Effective prayer seeks the heart of the Father and the result of effective prayer is seeing things from His perspective. So let us begin to know God a little better.

Day Eight - November 10th


Spend some time today looking to Him. Who is God? What is He to you? To help get you started, here are some of the ancient names describing God:

Elohim – God’s power and might
Elyon – the strongest strong One
Roi – the strong One who sees
Shaddai – the breasted One
Olam – the everlasting God
Adonai – Master Lord, God owns all His creation
Jehovah – the self-existent One, the God of the covenant
Jireh – the Lord will provide
Nissi – the Lord my banner
Shalom – the Lord is peace
Sabbaoth – the Lord of hosts
Maccaddeshoem – the Lord thy sanctifier
Rohi – the Lord my shephard
Tsidkenu – the Lord our righteousness
Shammah – the Lord who is present
Rapha – the Lord our healer

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