Monday, 2 November 2009

Spiritual fitness challenge DAY ONE

Spiritual Fitness - One a day. One year.

Following my previous post on 114 ways to spiritual fitness, I shall be posting a more manageable read each day which will give you a spiritual discipline to practice. I shall leave the original post on my blog for reference and as a resource, but I think if you have a read of my daily blog, I hope you will be inspired to invest in your own wellbeing through this spiritual fitness challenge. From my own experience I can guarantee you that you will grow spiritually and in your faith through investing in your spiritual fitness. To invest in your fitness you need discipline. This series will run for one year and I hope you can take it even further beyond.

I shall aim to post a day in advance, so here is tomorrow's challenge:

DAY ONE - 3rd November

We're going to start with something light.

PRAYER: Spend time in prayer during an activity that you know you will do each day eg. Brushing your teeth (I hope you do this each day!). Dedicate this time to pray for a particular person or cause or injustice.

So when you're brushing your teeth tomorrow morning, pray for your mate that's going through a tough time or perhaps some cause/ injustice going on in the world that really makes you angry. Then pray for them again the next time you brush your teeth and again the next time. Make it a regular time for quick prayers.

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  1. good luck..we will have to keep each other on the straight and narrow on blogging each day..l have become one of your followers!ha