Monday, 14 December 2009

Spiritual Fitness Challenge DAY 43

Day 43 - December 15th

So we are roughly seven weeks into the challenge. You may find things going very well, you may find many of the ideas are easy, some challenging and some may be part of your life already. In any case, keep persevering!

Now you are getting the hang of the challenge, we are going to crank it up a notch. This is an important week. This is a week of putting things in place for the rest of the year. Hopefully the challenges over the next few days will impact the rest of your year...


If you do not already, find someone to be accountable to in prayer and support. Currently I am part of a prayer trio. We meet every Monday morning before the working week commences and pray for each other and are accountable to each other. I cannot recommend this sort of support enough. If you are not sure of anyone to whom you could do it with, you may find your church may be able to hook you up with someone. I recommend this being on a regular basis, namely once a week, but do adjust accordingly to your circumstances. You may not be able to do this quite so often which is fine and on the flip side, you may be going through a tough time and need more frequent support - in which case, meet more often!

For those of you that already have this sort of support, your challenge for today is to give that friend a call/ text and see if there is anything that they need prayer for today.

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