Friday, 18 December 2009

spiritual Fitness Challenge DAY 47

Day 47 - December 19th


Read the bible in a year. This is a big challenge. If you can be disciplined in this then you should be able to achieve the task by spending around 15 minutes per day (that's how long it takes me and I am an average paced reader!). Please note that is the timing if you do not bother to meditate on what you are reading, it's purely a reading timing.

There are plenty of different resources to guide you through this task. You could just read through from the beginning to the end, but to get the correct guidance on a daily basis here are a couple of different options:

Cover to cover: Through the bible as it happened by Selwyn Hughes and Trevor Partridge. Publisher: CWR. This will take you through the bible in chronological order which gives you a great perspective on the whole bible story. For example, you read Psalms alongside the events of which many of them refer to - you begin to know exactly what David was going through as you read his Psalm and gain the context for his delight or despair!

If you receive the word for today quarterly publication (which I highly recommend for a daily thought) has at the bottom of each daily read a guide to completing the bible in a year. The benefit to this is that they mix up old testament scripture with a Psalm and new testament read, giving you a varied read each day. This can make the task more manageable as you do not have to trawl through chunks of the old testament that may not be quite so action packed! Check out the website: where you can read it but you can subscribe to receive a paper version.

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