Sunday, 17 January 2010

Review: 'Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen', 2008

A review of the film: Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen, directed by Michael Bay, 2008.

The Transformer franchise has been with us since the mid 80’s and strides forwards with continued success. With this in mind there is a target audience stretching 25 years worth of ‘boys’. I have no doubt that the majority of the audience will be watching the film for the following reasons: 1.Nostalgia. 2. Visual effects 3. The entertainment and adventure. 4. Perhaps a little bit of Megan Fox.

To touch on nostalgia. The effects are too good to give us 90’s kids a sense of nostalgia. For every minute the team has spent on CGI, the harder it has become to connect. Nostalgia has heart, this movie does not. Perhaps I am being too harsh, hoping for a bit of heart from a feature of robots. In adventure and entertainment value, it does not quite cut it. Megan Fox sticks her perfectly formed behind in the air and pouts her bulbous glossy lips oh so well, but that is the entirety of her contribution. I should mention that Shia La Boeuf tries his admirable best with what is a torrid storyline.

This film is a triumph for visual effects, although be careful because it really is an experience for the cinema. I watched this on a 27inch widescreen and the effects were lost on me. Perhaps this is why so many of the fighting action scenes were instilled with slow motion sequences? (Come on Michael Bay and your CGI team, you’re just showing off!) If you missed it at the cinema like me, then find a friend with a projector.

We are filled visual effects, explosions and sequences, but this cannot disguise the utter emptiness of heart and storyline that eaks it’s way all throughout the excessive 2hours and 30 minutes. I am sorry to say that this is well and truly inferior to the first installment. Perhaps the (inevitable) third should dumb down the action sequences a little and give us some heart, even if it is one made of metal.

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