Wednesday, 13 January 2010

spiritual Fitness Challenge DAY 73

Day 73 - January 14th


Dance. Make up a new one. Get your own personal space - do it at home. You could put on some music really loud and just let yourself go. Let it be a celebration and of worship to God for all He has done and who He is.

There is something about dancing that brings new levels of freedom. In many parts of western culture, we can be so conscious of how we look, especially in dance. For some, only with alcohol does the dancing come out!

During some time spent in Guatemala, I was part of a church that really encouraged dancing. The pastor would refer to how there are more references in the bible to dancing that singing and clapping. It was a dancing church. During my time there, I felt the chains around my ankles slowly lose their grip to the point that, having been attending this church for 2-3months, I had no hesitation to dance. I felt new levels of freedom in all areas of my life through being able to do this.

Back in the UK I feel the chains again somewhat. I still do dance sometimes, but not with the freedom I once had. If you feel like me and find it difficult, you can start out by doing it in private. Begin to gain freedom, get your body working in praise of Him!

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