Saturday, 9 January 2010

Spiritual Fitness Challenge DAY 69

Day 69 - January 10th


The following list of values are compiled from various business and personal values training that I have been aware of and are designed for personal reflection. Look through the list and write down your top 10 values. From this top 10 narrow it down to a top five and place these five values in order of their importance to you.

If you have done this sort of thing before, I encourage you do to it again. Often some of our values change through time and circumstance.

Personal (and work) values – please do add your own if needed

Achievement Advancement/ promotion Adventure Affection

Arts Beauty Challenging problems Change and variety

Cleanliness/ ordered Close relationships Community Competence

Competition Concern for others Cooperation Country (patriotism)

Creativity Decisiveness Democracy (Having) Disciplined

Ecological awareness Economic security Effectiveness Ethical practice

Excitement Faith Fame Family

Fast living Financial gain Freedom Friendships

Fun Growth Hard work Helping others

Honesty Humility Independence Influencing others

Inner harmony Integrity Intellect Involvement

Job tranquillity Justice Knowledge Leadership

Location Loyalty Meaningful work Nature

Keeping good company Order (stability) Peace (non-violent) Personaldevelopment

Physical challenge Pleasure Privacy Public service

Punctuality Purity Quality relationships Recognition

Respect for others Self respect Serving others Solitude

Status Teamwork Time freedom Tolerance

Truth Work under pressure

I think mine would have to be (in order): Faith, Quality relationships, arts, physical challenge and fun.

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