Monday, 11 January 2010

Spiritual Fitness Challenge DAY 71

Day 71 - January 12th


I don't know if you have started reading the bible in a year, the challenge laid down during the BIG challenge week. If you have great, if not, you can start at any point. You may be conducting your own bible reading already and are persevering in this. In this case you may choose to take up the bible in a year challenge at a later point.

Today, during your time reading the bible, intersperse it with exercise. I am try to get into a routine of interspersing reading the bible with various simple stretches and body exercise. I will read a chapter and then get down on my exercise mat and do 50 sit ups. I will then read another chapter and then do 20 press ups. You get the idea.

You will know the limits of your body and the sort of exercise that will benefit your body. Do not push it too hard, the real benefit of this is to wake your body which in turns awakens your mind as you delve into the scripture.

I find my bible reading is made even more alive when I feel alive in my body and exercise helps me to do this.

There are many exercises you can do at home. Many without any equipment whatsoever and some with basic equipment such as weights. If you are struggling for ideas just type in home exercises into an internet search and there are many websites with great ideas. If you add home exercises without equipment there are even more great ideas. I tend to do exercises without equipment, just a roll mat. I do sit ups (crunches, of which there are many variations), press-ups, holds and leg extensions (feet on the edge of a stair and pushing up and down from the ankles).


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